The Sharon Maxwell Platform

To be a champion for everyday people and those who have been historically left behind, discounted, marginalized and not represented. We can do better and we will do it together.

To strengthen Family Advocacy resources in our county, including housing, mental health, supporting women at home and in the workplace. I believe we must mentor our youth to give them the tools to start on their life’s paths, and foster an early connection to learning.

To bring economic opportunity for all through creating job producing projects as well as advancement and educational opportunities that reach all communities throughout our county.

To bring accountability to the people for the dollars being spent on their behalf, to seek the best practices that bring efficiency and most impact to our community from the projects our county invests in, and stop bias from soiling the good work we will all do together.

To support and respect to those who labor in and for our county. No employee should be disparaged in the work environment or feel threatened to speak up or fear retaliation of any kind. All employees should be appreciated for the work they do, valued for their contributions and treated with respect.

To be a leader who demonstrates respect and is an example of the behavior expected of officials, employees and residents in our community – common public courtesy.

To stop bias of any kind from soiling the good work we will all do together. That means, age discrimination or racial, gender, economic or religious discrimination will not be tolerated.