Building Community Is What Sharon Is About!

Sharon Maxwell – local businesswoman, mother, grandmother, laborer, youth mentor, community leader and community builder candidate for Multnomah County District 2 is a native of Portland, Oregon.  Sharon and her family have lived in District 2 all of her life. Sharon is a graduate of James Madison High school, graduate and Diamond Alumni of Portland Community College, Graduate of Warner Pacific College with a BA degree in Business Administration (2015) and is working on her second, a BSAC in Accounting (2018 Dec.)

In 1993, Sharon had witnessed the despair of the “War on Drugs” taking place in her community and decided, “we can do better”.  Sharon felt that for things to change, it was going to take the people to make the difference – “we could no longer wait for others to do for us what only we could do for ourselves”.

A Chance. A New Opportunity

Sharon took the opportunity offered at Portland Community College, Cascade Campus for the construction trades courses in carpentry, Plumbing-Sprinkler Fitter and more to change her own trajectory and provide a living wage for her family. 

Though Sharon completed the carpentry program, she faced the discrimination of not being allowed into apprenticeship with the carpenters, but Sharon persisted and was accepted into the apprenticeship program as a Sprinkler-fitter with local 290.   Sharon obtained her first employment at the Rose Quarter project, and soon realized the possibility of having her own company and helping others get into the trades as she had done.

From Home Remodeling to Big Civil Projects

Sharon pursued the hard work of getting all the licensing and certifications to start her own general contracting business and, with her husband, invested her life savings to start Hendricks Loyal Construction, LLC.  What started as a residential remodeling company soon grew to take on projects in the civil and commercial sectors, including ODOT projects, all while hiring people from the community and working with unions such as Local 290- plumbers, Local 10 painters, Local 296 building trades and LUNA civil labors, carpenters Union/ and Non-Union through NW College of Construction

As one of only two African American women to own construction firms, Sharon is a pioneer in the field and had accomplished much of her goals to support her family and her community.  She felt, however, there was more she could do.

A Record of Working with Community

So to address these problems with real solutions, Sharon started House of Shalom, a temporary transitional and emergency housing program for those experiencing homeless crises in 2000. 

Sharon created and founded Y2ABC- Youth and Young Adult Being Connected, a youth summer works program from 2008 to 2013 which is now the model funded by the County and City of Portland operated through local organizations.  Sharon has also worked on programs to combat gang and gun violence.

Sharon has a track record of working with community stakeholders and collaborating with many partners throughout the district and city.  When she led the Peninsula Little League, she reached out to the community and grew the league to twice its size.   Sharon’s focus on the future also led her to work towards bringing green jobs to Portland with Groundwork Portland. 

Sharon wants to bring her ideals, energy, keen insight, and tenacity to the Multnomah County Board. She will ask the hard questions, get to the root of our community problems, and make sure change is tangible and transparent to make real impact on families, youth, economic opportunity in our community at all levels.

Sharon is asking for YOUR vote for County Commissioner for District 2.

Wednesday February 7th, 2018  Sharon, Beloved Community, Family and Friends joined together at the Portland Community College Cascade Campus, in the Margaret Carter Building Lobby to launch Sharon’s bid for County Commissioner.  Thank you for the community togetherness – bringing Grandfathers, Grandmothers, families, friends, young adults, youth and children to engage in the political process. 

We’re in this together!