Sharon Maxwell :

I believe in YOU! I believe in WE! I believe in US!

I am excited to run for the office of County Commissioner for District #2, as a champion for everyday people and those who have been historically left behind, discounted, marginalized and not represented.  We can do better and we will do it together.  Join me in this race with your support through volunteering, donations, getting the message out that our campaign is about all of our futures and successes. Thank you and let’s get this done!

I am the leader that has gone where the other candidates have failed to venture, who knows what it is like when you put your money into action, when you serve with your life.  I’ve given generously of my time, used my own company profits to hire over 200 people from the local community over the last 20 years who may have faced difficulty getting hired because of their past.  I’m that candidate.  This is why I’m asking for your vote May 15, 2018.

You can’t lead people or work with people where you haven’t been willing to go yourself – I’m the candidate who has lived in the neighborhood, built the buildings, run the business, housed the homeless, worked with young adults to achieve brighter futures, given jobs to the overlooked, and reached out to our entire community. 

I’m the candidate that will help to speak to the identity and worth that lies within each person, that all people have potential and purpose that we must help them tap into.  No longer can we ignore this treasure in our community – our citizens. We must ensure all this wealth doesn’t end up wasted at the side of the road or in a graveyard.

I’m the candidate who will know how to address, and how to work with other commissioners to address, the institutional structural racism in our county’s systems by tackling the oppression at the core of the culture.  I will work to identify policies, practices and patterns that perpetuate oppressive culture and denies people real value in the workplace as equals.  I will work to ensure all are deemed worthy to be considered and listened to as experts and appreciated for what they have to contribute.

I will be the Commissioner who takes the time to speak to our high school and middle school students via assembly, rallies, community held forums and events that helps to build relationships with local businesses just as I have with my own business.  I will partner with Multnomah County businesses to assure we help our young people to identify the best ways to connect their education to their career futures.  In this way we provide a vision for their pathway to their futures and they will see how their investment of hard work pays off – first by graduating from high school and then starting on their path.

I’m the candidate who knows we need more of our young people recognizing the value early on in their education cycle and not at the end when they need to address course work.  I believe that we must mentor the upcoming generations to make each of them stronger and our community stronger.

I’m the candidate who believes we deliver our services to the community better with a ‘prevention model’ instead of reactive intervention.  Our Public Health, Mental Health, and Public Safety efforts are all interconnected and need to operate holistically throughout all our communities.

I’m that candidate.  This is why I’m asking for your vote May 15, 2018.

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